Friday, January 26, 2018


The fundamental foundations of the message in the Holy Scripture the way it should have always been taught & conceived. Here's something I discovered along the way that you need to understand. The Epistles of Paul ~ Ephesians Part 7: Menage a (Trois: the Order of the Kingdom).

      I have compiled 2 sets of 7 page Chronicles to share with you, the ways of the righteous family. These 14 pages are not hidden decoded Scripture, it's what has always been lacked among those that never fully understood the Gospel of that in which family congregated in the first place. 

I. Chronicles: Complete
II. Chronicles: Complete
III. Chronicles: Last Set of 7 ( To be released )

       Introduction: Whatever the need of the moment through a relationship; the good & the bad, the answers can be found in the Holy Scripture. If you take the time to enjoy the Chronological Order of the 21 page 3 Sets of 7 Chronicles, you'll come to understand the things you either fundamentally lived life or you discovered the way life is ordained to be.

      If you search for it, whatever you're feeling, whatever you're suffering from, whatever you're hoping, this set of Chronicles will help you along your life's journey. Please find what you have been missing & continue to spread the Gospel & Good News.

Page 1:

My Dear People, 

      At last I have reached a pinnacle in a once majestic worldly body of love & life's mystic miracles. Currently undergoing another, one of many tests of will & futile resistance. I made few errors as such as not bragging & boasting of mental & physical accomplishments to those I ordained personally as my chosen. My very own orders starting with the Alphas & Omegas. I should have made them not just from reputation but from spoken word & dialect as well. I have incarnations of finite wealth & unmistakable history.

      Most people I've settle with we're civilized people but over time became no longer eager too learn, study nor even ask for opinion or guidance. These affects are everywhere no matter where we go, therefore my 1st lesson will be of what transpired to this very sloppy congregation. All in reference of the Holy Scripture, both the Old Testament & the New. Including my new Chronicles of reiteration of what has been failed to be taught & conceived in 2018 years of Christianity.

Material Reward
JOB's renewed humility that acknowledged Gods righteous power.

Page 2:

The New Testimony; starting with, Genesis: ( 1-3 ). A must too obey in the everyday lives of the Holy & Righteous.

An introduction into the NLT (New Living Translation Study Bible) by: Tyndale. It is a huge effort by 60 Scholars, Writers, Reviewers, Editors & Designers. Together is compiled study notes, introductions, maps, timelines, profiles & theme notes.

Here is your invitation too the Lords Eternal Salvation. (ISAIAH: 55)

For the dearly beloved united Family & Friends with blessings of child bearing, trusting in the Lord commands you too read & live by its way in (PROVERBS)

      Modern Technology for child bearing requires prenatal care; hospital stay, birth & pediatrics. Insurance is a must for sacrificing free time for the many blessings your child or children are too receive. You must follow the path of the righteous. All children need too understand; it is okay too dream, aspire & evolve heterosexually.

Page 3:

      First in opposite sex attraction; it is perfectly normal too feel a number of ways psychologically & physically. The most special of all will be shyness. Almost at any age. You want to be kind & congenial without recourse during & after thought of your first acquaintance. The impression lasts. Here's what Men need to do after you get too know some special things. Surprise her with a thoughtful plan of both yours & hers combined & be confident. That meekness tends to turn into a little jealousy but don't ever let that get you two into trouble.

      The critical element is to base your life's teachings on spirituality. When you retain moral compass through values, ethics, standards that are key character traits of principles based on lives spirituality; it's a code for trust, loyalty & commitment that we all need to labor, attain & retain.

Page 4:

Here is a compiled list of the Holy Scripture for the Code of Trust between Lovers, Family, Friends & HELP IN TROUBLE.

1. PSALMS: (37:39)
2. PSALMS: (146:8)
3.NAHUM: (1:7)
4. PSALMS: (37:24)
5: (SELAH) PSALMS: (32:7)
6. PSALMS: (71:20)
7. PSALMS: (42:11)
8.PSALMS: (73:26)
9. PSALMS: (91:10,11.)
10: PSALMS: (126:5,6.)
11. PSALMS: (31:23)
12. PSALMS: (68:13)
13: JOB: (8:20,21.)
14. JOB (5:19)
15: PSALMS: (22:24)
16. PSALMS: (9:9)
17: PSALMS: (138:7)
18: PSALMS: (18:28)
19: PSALMS: (34:19)
20: LAMENTATIONS: (3:31-33)
21. PSALMS: (18:2)
22. MICAH: (7:8,9.)
23. JOHN (16:33)

Trust is something that must be done so others may trust in you.

Page 5:

May your trust be blessed with everlasting joy & happiness, love, compassion, wisdom, courage & the Gods protection.

Please read the following compilation in the Holy Scripture.


1. PSALMS: (46:1,2.)
2. PSALMS: (84:11,12.)
3. PSALMS: (37:3-5)
4. PROVERBS: (3:5,6.)
5. LUKE: (12:32)
6. MATTHEW: (6:31,32.)
7. 1 PETER (5:7)
8. PSALMS (40:4)
9. PSALMS (125:1)

Loyalty with the wisdom of the Word of God is a Sacred Oath. May it be Brotherhood or Sisterhood. Success is Commitment & Obedience. Prayer is needed too unite the Assembly or Family Unit for any or all Occasion. Exalt yourselves in righteousness.

Page 6:

Unity Prayer is an awe inspiring (COMFORT). When you are among your chosen people & your comfort zone here are many Biblical Passages too know & share.

1. (SELAH) PSALMS: (46:1-3)
2. PSALMS: (138:7)
3. PSALMS: (18:2)
4. PSALMS: (22:24)
5. PSALMS: (37:24)
6. NAHUM: (1:7)
7: PSALMS: (37:39)
8: PSALMS: (55:22)
9: JOHN: (16:33)
10: MATTHEW: (11:28)
11. 2 CORINTHIANS: (1:5)
12: PSALMS: (9:9)
13: LAMENTATIONS: (3:31-33)
14: PSALMS: (27:14)

When you completely love & trust your significant other & child bearer; 100%, Faith & honesty must be felt at all times & mutually. If something needs spoken about, be kind & courteous even if you have to evaluate a wrong conception. Be complaint.

Page 7:

Here is your interlude too (FAITH) in the Holy Scripture.

1. HEBREWS: (11:1)
2. HEBREWS: (11-6)
3. JAMES: (1:5,6.)
4. COLOSSIANS: (2:6,7.)
5. EPHESIANS: (2:8) 
6. GALATIANS: (3:26)
7. 2 TIMOTHY: (3:14,15.)
8. 1 CORINTHIANS: (16:13)
9. GALATIANS: (5:22)
10. GALATIANS: (2:20)
11. 2 CORINTHIANS: (5:7)
12: MARK: (11:22,23.)
13: EPHESIANS: (3:17-19)
14: HEBREWS: (12:1,2.)

As previously mentioned, the faith in one another is honesty. With honesty comes great trust & value too everything ordained Holy. Build your Market Enterprise founded on the Theological Scales of Moral Compass.


© Written by: Troy David Beadles

Friday, September 15, 2017


      Porsche also unveiled an impressive electric car concept in September and in December the company confirmed that it would be investing some $1.09 billion in new facilities to begin production of its first all-electric car.

      The concept car, dubbed the Mission E, boasts a range of about 310 miles per charge and is capable of charging about 80 percent in just 15 minutes.

      However, it's worth noting that the range is likely based on European testing and not EPA standards, so its range could be more in the 240-mile range.

       In addition to the long range and quick charging time, the car will also be capable of going from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds.

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Zero Motorcycles
Manufacturing company

Zero Motorcycles Inc. is an American manufacturer of electric motorcycles. Formerly called Electricross, it was started in 2006 by Neal Saiki, a former NASA engineer, in Santa Cruz, California. The company is now located nearby in Scotts Valley. 

Wikipedia ) 

CEO: Richard Walker (Jul 24, 2012–)
Headquarters: Scotts Valley, CA.
Founder: Neal Saiki
Founded: 2006, Scotts Valley, CA.

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Visit Jordan Winery
Sonoma County, California.

Born: Alizée Jacotey.
21 August 1984 (age 33)
Ajaccio, Corsica, France.
Nationality: French
Occupation: Singer, Dancer, DJ.
Years active: 1999–present
Spouse(s): Jérémy Chatelain (2003–2012)
Grégoire Lyonnet (2016-present)
Children: Annily Chatelain (born 2005)

Musical Career:
Genres: World, chanson, pop, rock, hip-hop, electronica, dance.

Instruments: Vocals, synthesizer.

Labels: Universal Music, Polydor, RCA, Wisteria Song, Sony Music Entertainment.

Associated acts: Mylène Farmer, Tal, Laurent Boutonnat,
Madonna, Jenifer, Alain Chamfort, Olly Murs.

Official Network:


Friday, September 1, 2017


Hey Team,

      A quick one today. Leadership isn't just a title or pay grade. It's an obligation. A duty in its self of care giving & managing oversight. You need your people too feel comfort & promise. You need to keep morale high & the downside afloat. When you know what makes your people tick, you can better organize your establishment & deem positions necessary for maximum profit & gain. When your company is happy, your customers are happy or vice versa. It's possible to play good cop bad cop in your sales team. If your team is all alike, you'll likely lose a sale in others words. Whether that be in the Office or Street Team. Teams are meant to be diversified for that reason. Each member with unique attributes. Remember that, Managers.

Have a wonderful Weekend, 
Troy David 'Maestro' Beadles

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


      Lots of new publication content on the forums. Over the next several weeks I'll be updating regularly. You may find it to be easier navigation. Everyone is welcome. You don't have to sign up to read; however, if you'd like to participate with comments & your own opinions, feel welcome to register & partake. Students may use me for a resource on school projects, just give me accreditation. Thank you, everyone!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Thank you; Ladies & Gentlemen,

      Today we celebrate the .com's 4,000,000th Google Plus View. It has been a phenomenal 6 years in the making. Through times of daunting & grueling monotonous campaign regimens, it's been worth it. With your help & continuous affirmation, we're on our way too 5,000,000 Views. A very special thank you too all of you that has established a mutual respect with me & my establishment. I have self-branded as an international project for future venture capital & success. Both yours & mine! 

      We have rightfully assembled for a just cause & successful mission viable too all that share my vision & ideals. With this establishment based on principles of morals; standards, values & ethics, we all have benefited in our own ways for our own lives. These key character traits will be carried with you throughout the rest of your lives as I have also discovered myself, the teachings of what I profess & whom I have become on my journey with you along with me as I also learn from you.

      It's truly an honor & privilege to have this obligation. We are a brilliantly assembled work of art. You're a brilliant audience! I thank you all for your invaluable time & efforts. You never go unnoticed & I'm doing my best to provide for your better interests. I hope my honest endeavors have benefited you & all your people. We live & learn, everyday of our lives. It's all about the connections we make & the relationships we nurture. I'm here for you, always. If I can help or you & would like to further our connection, please feel free to inquire. On with the Mission!

MISSION OBJECTIVE: 2,000,000 .Com Views.
Now at 1,260,840+ & counting. Target Date: (09/01/2018)
★ ( http://www.troydavidbeadles.com/ ) UN USA ★

MISSION OBJECTIVE: 4,500,000 Google Plus Views.
Now at 4,000,000+ & counting. Target Date: (03//06/2020)

MISSION OBJECTIVE: 150,000 Reverbnation Views.
Now at 106.5K & counting. Target Date: (07/01/2019)

MISSION OBJECTIVE: 20,000,000 #Impressions.
Now at 10,579,700+ & counting. Target Date: (10/31/2019)
★ ( https://twitter.com/tdbeadles ) Twitter ★
May we continue too carry on with the Mission. 
★ Objectives: ★
“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – JFK.

Your favorite Maestro,
Troy David 'Maestro' Beadles

Friday, August 25, 2017


Story accredited to Car & Driver.

      Behind the Portofino’s sinister grin lies a 591-hp twin-turbocharged 3.9-liter V-8 that gives this prancing horse its legs. Other performance gear includes an electronic limited-slip differential and an adaptive suspension. The Portofino features luxuries such as a retractable hardtop roof and a 10.2-inch infotainment touchscreen; rear seats are standard, but aren’t likely to be humane places to park passengers. An on-sale date is unknown, but expect a price tag in excess of $200,000.

      Ferrari is no longer California dreamin’, and the sports-car manufacturer’s head is now firmly back in Italy. The all-new 2018 Ferrari Portofino is the formal replacement to the Ferrari California T.
Read more )

Official Website:
https://www.ferrari.com/ )

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Good day Ladies & Gentlemen,

      Here are a few life lessons I've pondered about as of late. Some motivational tips & life experience to help you all along your life's journey. I'm with you in that endeavor daily. Thank you all for your invaluable time & efforts. I believe in you & humbled by my audience. You're a world class assembly held in very high regard. I hope you are enjoying the experience. Please invite colleagues & associates to opt in & join us. They to deserve to enjoy as well. I thank you!

      Here we go; If you do not believe in yourself, believe in someone that believes in you. Surround yourself with those kind of people & you will soon change for the better. So have faith in something greater than yourself & you yourself will become great. Your life is like a pebble tossed into a pool of water, the ripples your attitude. They go a long way & someone somewhere is reacting. So be mindful of what you do & say. Make a splash! Someone is always watching & listening.

      Music doesn't make a man. A man makes the music. A man is founded on spiritual values in the house of god or morality of family traditions. It's all about remembering where you started. When you do, you realize where you are in life & what the future sees. You have an opportunity to live your destiny. You decide yourself whom you let into your life & whom to make leave it. You're judged by the company you keep. Fate knows your rights & wrongs so know them as well.

      Integrity, is knowing when to say no. Powers will test you. If you have strong convictions for something, it's nature. You'll be respected among leaders & your peers. I have laid a foundation for future leadership in many forms, a very challenging one at that. I may not have the opportunity but others will. Future pundits need not be afraid of scrutiny. Be weary of injustice & obscurity. The rhetoric shouldn't sway your conviction for change. Fix yourself first.

      My advice to be echoed among your halls; future leaders must be accounted for, not just popularity but because you have read & studied her/him. We can be different, we're entitled of opinion; therefore, being malleable for the greater good, that aisle is to be greeted on both sides. If I were President, my spare time would be hanging out with the House & Senate. I would know whom they are to appease Government at all levels to keep Government in operation, traditionally.

      In this day & age for security of public safety, future pundits & incumbents need to hold their Town Halls digitally via the internet utilizing social media outlets like YouTube & Facebook. A bipartisan audience would mean greater coverage & mass majority opinion & debate that any candidate would love to see themselves no matter which side of the aisle they belong. That would be a huge asset for anyone seeking public office for any party & spark interest in the Nations new voters.

      Our Nation has spent decades digitizing Governmental & Military records. Now is the time to make sure we have physical hard copies sent to the Mountain. If the Government shuts down, now is the time to take a risk & buy your currency & trade shares in precious metals. Gold has survived every dollar crisis in our Nations history. It's not fools gold, it's survival if our Nation declines into domiciles peril from a War stricken reality or market crash. 

      Worst case scenario; World War, Civil War or Both, the first thing that will happen is the crippling of infrastructure. Our satellites, electrical grid, our food supply, currency, etc. will be rendered useless. Dams, basic water supplies & every other modern day amenity will be destroyed. We will be taken back too the stone ages, literally. Millions of displaced Men, Women & Children. Famine, Disease, looting, crime will rise & wars for property & land grabs. Livestock will be a free for all.

      For the Confederates the American Dollar will be worth toilet paper. I'm sure money will be printed, but without anything in trade value you wont get anything. You need Gold for currency & monetary trade. That includes international as well as domestic. You'll need a skill & a labor trade for employment. The Nation needs a National Gold Coin in circulation immediately. That will save Millions of american lives in the worst case scenario. This has to be done & as soon as possible.

      England has done this before Brexit. I know we need to vote on it, asap. Think about these things before our Government shuts down or any act of rebellion. Believe me, you'll have wish ya did. America; I have no greater duty, than to protect my homestead. I am well rooted & I have family & friends that will honor my leadership. I am a realist. A once dreamer that has evolved into a character of epic proportion that never gave up. Fear is the enemy of the brave. Courage is taking the next step.

      Our Nation has fallen under attack. We are under-siege. We are dividing our Nation everyday within our own borders. Now is not the time to be picking fights with our democratic neighbors. I've tried too unite us because I knew what was going on. I'm not at fault. I fear injustice & obscurity. I am a sane, sound & capable Man. Any imprisonment either hospitalization or prison cell is political imprisonment for voicing my knowledgeable opinion. I'm a bold, honest & courageous Man.

      So ya know; I'm not suicidal, depressed or have a debilitating mental disorder. I was a heavy drinker for decades. I almost succumbed to death. Alcoholism is a habit of luxury. Prioritize your life, in fact get so busy you haven't time to spend another dime on it. Fools get hooked. I quit drinking cold turkey, 1st of June 2016. If you study me, you'll see that production in my publications. No negative side effects; all positive, including my bank account. I'm doing absolutely fantastic. 

      I'm a straight spiritual Man & father. I'm clean of any illegal substance & I have no criminal convictions. I'm proud to claim that. My obligation to you is a serious reality of my revolutionary vision. My mission surpasses borders. It's a movement of humanity & humility. Humility is power. When you challenge another's intellect, opposition finds you. Be good with it. Seek opportunity. Then you become someone. Be dignified to earn respect among your peers. Carry yourself with dignity.

      Your mindset is in your control. You may not immediately be in a position to change any forcible circumstance but you have the power to make the best of it. You are ultimately in charge of yourself. So stay emotionally stable & cognizant. When your human will is nonnegotiable, other men will break &/or succumb. Believe in yourself & others will have no choice but to believe in you. Be an unbreakable Man & you'll either break other Men or make other Men.

      Leadership is care giving. It's an appointment of public service for the public or a company. A leader legislates what the people demand. That appointment is a nomination of whom the people declared to party leaders whom they want as representatives for the greater good of their establishment in its entirety. Both parties need to be malleable midway moderates on key issues to keep the Government in operation. We cannot continue dividing ourselves too extremes. 

      There comes a time in a Mans maturity & personal awareness that psychology doesn't pertain to you. Others wont dictate your actions in life. That's of course if you're not seeking public service. If you are, by all means protect the majority of your people & be open to new ideas. The 21st Century is hardly predictable even to intellectuals. We cannot believe everything we see & hear. We have to decide among ourselves & at the dinner tables with our families. That's grassroots! 

      Something of importance I needed too mention is American parents need to understand that the entertainment industry is flooded. Everyone is trying to make their children stars. It's damn near impossible to break into the industry. Raise kids in the Church Choir, School Chorus, Athletics, Cheer Leading & make them concentrate on their scholastic academia. When they earn your support of their dreams then by all means support them. They need foundations of principles for their future.

      Your lessons in life are daily. You process information into knowledge, facts & opinion everyday or you're wandering aimlessly. Be in tow. Be at one with your findings. You become what you study so choose your path in life wisely. You can't start over but you can advantage anew. That means you have one life to live & a way to make others remember it. An approach to anything takes gall. That's courage! It's questions never too stupid if you didn't know the answer.

      You can be a product of society or you can make your product your reality. Successful businessmen & entrepreneurs are statistically driven. If you want to be successful, be prepared for failure. You have to standout. You cannot be meek. You have to piss people off & be fearless. Think logically, feasibly & positively. Then & only then you'll be able to push the envelope of any limits set forth in your preparedness of your pros & cons. No one will trust ya if you're illogical.

If you're a risk taker, go Gold!
Troy David 'Maestro' Beadles

Friday, August 18, 2017


Greetings Ladies & Gentlemen,

      On my day off I took the liberty of revamping my .com & coded new forum boards for us too share. The network is booming statistically; therefore, I would love to get to know you on a personal or professional level. Everyone is welcome! Family, friends & fans.

      You may find it easier navigation for studying my publications. You don't have to sign up to read; however, if you'd like to participate with comments & your own opinions, feel welcome to register & partake. Your presence is valued.

      Students; you may use me for a resource on School projects, please just give me accreditation. If you have any questions, I'm here to help. Thank you; everyone, for your invaluable time & efforts. Please return again, anytime.

Monday, August 14, 2017


Welcome, Ladies & Gentlemen. This year is cruising along & I'm thrilled too share these figures with you. You have all made this possible. Your interest & art appreciation has motivated me along this record shattering year. It's an honor & privilege too be among you & share this obligation. You're a brilliant audience. Thank you for your invaluable time & efforts. Now too the numbers.

In the last 7 Days I've propagated 8,266 ( Google Plus ) views. That's 1,181 Daily. We're on a Mission too 4,000,000 by January 1st 2019. With your continued help & assistance that date should be more than feasible & attained sometime in early 2018, way ahead of the scheduled target allotment.
Since '12, I've acquired 240,000+ .com views per year, 20,373 a month, 5,093 a week, 728 daily & 30 views an hour. That's the all-time average! This calendar year, I am now averaging 60,200 a month, 15,000+ per week, 2,150 per day, 90 views an hour & really cruising along shattering my own records. By January 1st, 2018 I'm on course too acquire 602,000+ .com views inching closer too 2,000,000 .com views. That target date goal is May 1st, 2018.
Now with 10,340,000 ( Twitter ) impressions averaging roughly 430,000+ impressions per month since October '15 & on course for 10,770,000+ by January 1st, 2018. All of my vast network profiles are seeing an influx & looking fantastic. We are on course for 20,000,000 impressions by Oct. 31st 2019.
New with 104,930+ ( Reverbnation ) views I've also set a target date for 200,000 views by July 1st 2019. This will be difficult & not feasible numerically; therefore, I'm thinking positive & your support will be needed & greatly appreciated. Reverbnation traffic tends too fluctuate & schedules conflict. 


Thank you, everyone! That's what I call teamwork. Please continue too invite family, friends, colleagues & associates too opt in & join us. Please feel free too return again, anytime. I'm counting on you! Students, have a great School year. Music fans, keep digging for treasure. I've got some new updated links up for you. Associates, I'm greatly honored by your continued contributions. Lets finish off the year strong & keep each other motivated. I'm humbled by you all.
Troy David 'Maestro' Beadles

Sunday, August 13, 2017


"Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life." 

Ludwig van Beethoven's 9th Symphony


Friday, August 11, 2017


Anoushka Shankar
British-Indian Composer

Anoushka Shankar is a British Indian sitar player and composer.
She is the daughter of Ravi Shankar and the half-sister of ( Norah Jones ). 

Wikipedia )

Spouse: ( Joe Wright ) (m. 2010)
Parents: ( Ravi Shankar ) ( Sukanya Rajan )
Children: ( Zubin Shankar Wright )

Available on:  
YouTube )
Spotify )
Pandora )
Play Music )
TuneIn )

Introducing: ( Kula Shaker )

( 'Kashmir' ~ Led Zeppelin )

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Greetings friends & foes, thank you for your visit. Get settled in,

      Whether you are here for music appreciation or my literary work(s), I thank you! Self-branding is tough. Out of sight; out of mind, so hustle! People expect traffic. That's called an ego & atop of that a false reality. What you need to do is stat monger to get off the ground first. When faced with strife, some Men break & some Men make failure an opportunity. Self-empowerment is a successful mindset & trait to retain. Men become elitists, chauvinistic bitter old bastards & part of the 1% or they succumb to making them that way. That's the way it is.

      If I were formidably thrust into power, the World would frown upon me if I vindictively silenced my opposition by death. I'd seek legal justice & warn them on a level that they will understand. Any imprisonment from my opposition, will be political imprisonment, character & political assassination among many other things. The World recognizes & acknowledges me on a daily basis. Those that do not believe we have assembled here are in complete & utter denial. With that said, lets challenge our own establishments and lets talk business as usual. 

      I'm an all original self-developed & self-produced Man. You wont find a character like me for generations &/or they will be of whom that have studied me. What we readily believe is what we have submitted ourselves too or we think in grandeur. A larger scale or higher standard of excellence thereof. There's nothing wrong with that if we act upon our strong convictions of morality. When we do that, our proprietors have moral compass & that makes for a winning team. Teamwork at its best. Success is not just materials, it's a mindset or feeling of accomplishment.

      When you don't expect anything, everything becomes a gift & that gift you can give & in return you may receive twice as much.  Your circle of comrades depends not on a zero starting & stopping point, but you need lines & a vision. Those lines are an establishments frame in which the circle will never be broken. A perfect example of integrity; is, too lead by example even when no one is watching. Have moral compass. Be tactful & control your bearings. If people challenge your intellect like I do many, you'll need to conduct yourself in such a manner. 

      Business tip; before expansion with a conceptual venture, be sure to prepare substantial future gains & profitability for investors or they wont stick around. They'll teeter-totter around until the next big inclination in the market. My point is, before any out of pocket expense, do not withdraw any out of pocket nor bottom line capital from your foundations establishment. Make your expansion with the least amount of payout with the most amount of income with those future gains & that's no risk logical business. You'll be many steps ahead of any moderate startup. Above average in other words. 

      There's no excuse for failure when your goal is worth trial & error. Think of life as a hypothetical theory & your publications a life experienced synopsis such as an autobiography or biographical anthology. Everyone has ideas. Everyone has desires. Take those ideas & desires to someone that can produce & procure your dreams into reality. You have too step up & make yourself known. You can make opportunities yourself, but there's always someone that can invest & demand you to be your best. It's okay to take a backseat. Just buckle up!

      Goal oriented people stay motivated. Set yourself into a position to avidly pursue goals that are feasible. Without logic, you're a risk too yourself & your establishment. Before your opportunity comes to pass, be ready for it whether dialog or psychical attire. Both necessary to make your first impression. You have to know when to say yes & when to say no and wait for the perfect time too ask questions. You must be prepared at all times. Your day to day operations are a success when you feel accomplished at the end of that day & that success is the compiled data too back it up. 

We're having a fantastic year,
Troy David 'Maestro' Beadles

      p.s. I'd like to welcome my new followers, fans & stewards. It's a pleasure to be with you. I hope you can take a little something with you for life. I thank each & every one of you. Please invite others & return again soon. If there is anything I can help you with along your life's journey. please feel free too join me anywhere in the vast network. Any form of dialect acceptable. All I ask are direct url's & quick intro. I'll gladly look it over & work my magic. You may use the contact form on this website or any other network profiles. Jump right in; copy & paste, forward too your colleagues.

Monday, July 31, 2017


Tesla Model 3’s interior is a smart design that will ‘age gracefully’
By: Fred Lambert ~ Jul. 31st 2017 ( @FredericLambert )

Photo's & Story accredited too: ( https://electrek.co/ )

       The Model 3’s interior appears to be the most polarizing aspect of Tesla’s latest all-electric vehicle. Some appreciate the minimalist look, while others think that it looks too bare.

       After spending some time with the final version of the production car and talking with Tesla designers and engineers responsible for the Model 3, my opinion of the interior has evolved and I am definitely warming up to it.  

      There’s no hiding it. The simple interior is a cost saving move by Tesla. Complex interior panels, dashboard, and center consoles are expensive and increase manufacturing complexities.

      But there’s also a less obvious advantage to a simple interior built around a touchscreen and that’s the potential to withstand significant design changes in the industry.

      We can see major design shifts in the auto industry every 5 to 10 years, but we expect the next 10 years to be most significant for interior design due to the advent of autonomous driving.

      Tesla CEO Elon Musk reiterated that he believes future software updates for Model 3, as well as for Model S and Model X, will enable fully self-driving capacity on their latest Autopilot hardware. But unlike Model S and Model X, which were designed years before Tesla’s Autopilot program, the Model 3 was designed with autonomy in mind. Read more... ( HERE )


Greetings Gentlemen,

      On a serious topic today I'm touching on life & love. Life I regularly discuss; however, love gives sight to the blind & rhythm to the deaf. So feel me & see what the future renders. We are all on a mission for ourselves; so with that said, be open to try & understand my philosophy. It will surely benefit you & those that are dependent. I honor your time & it's a privilege to have the obligation. You're worth it. I trust you!

       Your mindset is cultivated from yields of loss or gain. Your story; your history, everything about you is a product of which you have submitted yourself. We're all products of society. We choose whom we become when we weigh the pros & cons in which our habitat has defined. Go against the grain. Leave a mark in the World. Whether that be family; finances, namesake, all of which is your legacy. Legends standout, they're unique.

      What you offer your neighbors, you'll find in return. That's life's treasure. You love to be loved. Communities that thrive are those loved. Don't put yourselves in odd situations unless you have every means of evening it out. Stay on a level playing field with dialect & solidarity. When we reach a certain age & maturity, you're all that matters not only to those that depend on you but most importantly maintaining yourself, family & those treasured neighbors.

      People come & go in your lives. Your history isn't defined by past pretense. It's whom you've become as a consenting adult & you define that yourselves. We all have rules & guidelines but the fact is you answer to yourself. You have to know yourselves to know what you importantly need & want. We all labor for something or someone else. Popularity is great but your happiness is worth far greater than any acclamation of fame & ill fortune.

      Accept only those that procure a better you. We all seek things that make us unique or we conform. Be that of love. Wealth follows that passion. You cannot go through life wandering aimlessly. You have to wonder & that inquisitive demeanor births opportunity & happiness. Don't strife. An ill begotten Man will self-destruct whether it be of law or psychologically, so tender your wishes & personify love through your definitive actions.

      Your sense of reality no matter the naysayers, is what & who you are & whom you have become. You may have known someone for 30 years that don't know the real you that you have become in your life's experience. Friends are those in the community that understand you & have evolved with you. They feel your pain. They console you when needed & confide in you with encouragement. Those of which become Family & irrefutable at best.

      Circumstance defines character if you let that situation dictate your well-being. As I mentioned, don't set yourself at odds in the first place unless you intend to gain & prosper from it. Entertainers can relate; I mention in my publications, success & leadership. That's why & when stars migrate to a community of friends equally of importance & commonality. You have to go against the grain as pilots go against the wind. You are at odds until that success puts you on that level playing field.

      You've chosen the path in which that stage will compensate your troubles through trial & error or massive success. It's a mindset & reality. You give & get or get & give. Those starting points bewildering enough meet in the middle when opposites attract as sex & attraction procure. Let your inhibitions set your own limits without setting limits first. That's experience! That's pushing the envelope of what you can & cannot do.

      When ya know your rights from wrongs, you're stable. You fear justice if you challenge the wrongs & you're justified when living by the rights. You ultimately govern yourself through forgiveness of sin. That's the bottom line. You decide how you want your eternal graces. Just be mindful & malleable. When you surround yourself with people like that you all become irrefutable. A force to be reckoned with. So make it a hundred percent sure the risk is worth taking.

      How you want to be remembered is how you need to be known. You can't have both unless you submit yourself as an equal. That's family & love. A fathers love is unconditional. It's not just acceptance, it's responsibility. Through a daughters holy union or a birthed descendant of. Life doesn't have rules so you have to believe in something greater than yourself. A Parent teaches those guidelines of morality through sanctity. Whether that be religion or strict parental guidance.

      When you can trust yourself, your trust in others is trust well kept when you're the one that's entrusted in them. That's how you build the bonds with family & friends & friends that become family. Sometimes that's all we have so make the best of everyone that has remained in your life through the good times & the bad, through richer or poorer, sickness & in health. In closing I leave you with a famous quote; 

 "The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them." 
~ Ernest Hemingway

      Everybody; go soil your royal oats & if you are feeling a we bit guilty, you're in love. Now go tell her & dedicate your life to her happiness. In doing so, remember the sacrifice that goes forth in serving your partner. You'll be a better Man for it & you'll have a deeper love with her. Be open, honest, loyal & faithful. All a successful relationship needs is that understood & with constant communication & understanding. Roots wont grow without that nurturing of watering the seedling.

Let love rule; come rain or come shine, 
Troy David 'Maestro' Beadles

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


★ Models ★ Male Models ★ Female Models ★ Love ★
★ Music ★ Friendships ★ Relationships ★ Attraction ★

      I'm a badass, good looking, awesome Man. Don't get me confused for an Elvis wannabe or docile suicidal Kurt Cobain. Lock in or out. You cannot be civil with idiots & morons.

      I can promise you in the 22 years online, I've never looked up Gay Sex. Funny & Sweet doesn't mean cock sucker in my Vocabulary.

      I have no American love interests. I haven't in over a decade, I'm celibate 11 years this fall. I'm interested in a Foreign Long-Distance Relationship. I'm straight, clean of illegal substances & sober for over a year. I've got my priorities in order & work hard everyday. I'm not complacent.

      My #'s are TV & Radio Celebrity Numbers except they are in Social Media. I'm recognized around the World. My figures are real. My people are pros.

      If you chat to anyone about me, chat with my Army Soldiers, Gamers, Marine Buddies (that trained with me) & former Band Mates. They all know me best. That also includes my Fans & colleagues that read & study me.

      What happens to many successful people is envy, jealousy & hate by those tag along's that weren't part of Gods plan to remain with you.

      The Fashion Industry is not the same as Models whoring the meat market. Women like this online don't even tell what they're wearing. Why?

      I've been in search for a female companion 11 years celibate. A female composer or arts/fashionista is what I'm geared towards. If I look you up, I promote you. That's the cold hard truth.

      I've been online 22 years. I've never been charged with any wrong doing associated with the internet. Dates, hangouts, business & pleasure & yes that includes sex on number of occasion and some great stories.

      So you know; I'm trained in Street Fighting, Boxing, Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts (with Weapons), Marine Corps Line Training & Hand to Hand Combat. I'm not someone to pick a fight with. No Marine is no matter their size. I'm a 200lbs Lethal Weapon. I'm not the little Troy most of my Classmates remember.

      I weigh in heavier than Rocky f'n Balboa was in the Movies & I'm just as fast & agile in every form of fighting not just a sanctioned Boxing Match.

Top 10 Graduate of Grunt University (School of Infantry). Top 5 Marine Combat Training Graduate.
Parris Island Marine,
Troy David 'Maestro' Beadles

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Thank you; Ladies & Gentlemen,

      It's truly an honor & privilege to have this obligation. We are a brilliantly assembled work of art. You're a brilliant audience! I thank you all for your invaluable time & efforts. You never go unnoticed & I'm doing my best to provide for your better interests. I hope my honest endeavors have benefited you & all your people. We live & learn, everyday of our lives. It's all about the connections we make & the relationships we nurture. I'm here for you, always. If I can help or you & would like to further our connection, please feel free to inquire. On with the Mission!

MISSION OBJECTIVE: 2,000,000 .Com Views.
Now at 1,160,000+ & counting. Target Date: (05/01/2018)

MISSION OBJECTIVE: 4,000,000 Google Plus Views.
Now at 3,900,000+ & counting. Target Date: (01/01/2019)

MISSION OBJECTIVE: 200,000 #Reverbnation Views.
Now at 101.6K & counting. Target Date: (07/01/2019)

MISSION OBJECTIVE: 20,000,000 Impressions.
Now at 10,009,100+ & counting. Target Date: (10/31/2019)
★ ( https://twitter.com/tdbeadles ) Twitter ★


Your favorite Maestro,
Troy David 'Maestro' Beadles

LAST STRETCH TO 10,000,000


MISSION OBJECTIVE: 10,000,000 Twitter Impressions.
Now at 9,999,500+ & counting. Target Date: (10/31/2017)

Standby for announcement & debrief.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017



      Next Level; There are the smartphones and laptops we use every day, and then there’s Next Level technology. In this new Verge video series, senior editor Lauren Goode takes you behind the scenes to show you the technology that’s being worked on at some of the world’s most innovative companies and research institutions. From modular airplanes to prescription video games to Hollywood’s attempt to hack your emotions, Next Level will show you the technology that has the potential to radically change the way we interact with tech.

Commercial flying is, for most people, a mediocre experience at best. Unless you... ( READ MORE )


      "I have myself pondered the idea of future modular concepts. Such as; fireproofing, water resistant flotational & survivable modules with parachutes that if in dire emergency situations the Aircraft will blast apart into separate life sustaining recovery modules. It's a very feasible concept. There's no logical  reason we cannot evolve with the technology. Engineers would have a hay day with this & should be brought to attention that this may concern. Including Orbital Spacecraft." ~ TDB




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