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My fellow readers & fans, 

      I have had a very life altering experience utilizing Social Media since America Online Chat Rooms back in the Mid-90's. I've got many stories & an education too share with everyone. Quite frankly I've really learned who I am as a individual & a life coach too many others. The following are Twitter Quotes I've Written in Narrative Form too teach an in depth view for your better understanding. Please enjoy, take note & feel free too quote me for a class or personal journal.

       Making the best of any situation especially if it's a vocation of love, nothing can challenge your confidence within the balance of Law. You have too be dependent of yourself before you can happily share with others. Financially, Figuratively, Physically, Mentally & Literally. Knowing who you are & what you stand for is character & integrity. Those are two important leadership traits every successful Woman or Man must attain. 

       Believing in ones self is half the battle. Good Training; especially if you can on the Job, is an attribute every Employer should duly note. You have too get started by inquiring details immediately of all job requirements & show motivation. Be quick too answer questions & be even quicker too ask questions. When you're established, by all means show interest in your co-workers, floor Manager & Office employees job details. That's if you have a minute during break or meal. 

       Opinions often have a rebuttal or adverse reaction depending on your Workplace. Best too keep it too yourself instead of Office Politics. This includes personal problems & extracurricular involvement outside the workplace. You don't want too get involved in that case. You'll thank me later or you've already had the experience. These things could get ya demoted, laid off or down right fired. IT happens too the best em them. My experience, that's Women most of the time.

      Leadership is taught & learned with Age. Most case scenarios are elders hearkening the youth; however, when you reach a certain Age with experience, even youth can give elders things too hearken others. Naturally, some learn on the Job & on the fly so take your elders advice, appreciate, process it, form your own opinion & it's yay or nay. From there; brainstorm, outline & know yourself, the best results you challenge yourself too attain & retain for making your own leaders. 

      Young Adults; you have too know right from wrong, consciously & physically. Everything you do & say among your peers, has repercussions & collateral damage. That's part of becoming someone. You cannot please everyone but you can try. There's always one that's difficult unfortunately. Do your best speeding him/her up too get with the program or find him/her another detail in the workplace. Still respect him for his willingness too labor for you. Especially for brand loyalty.

      Today's evolution, we've all been empowered too be thrust into a leadership role, per-say. So if you think you are a leader, you indeed already are. You have too find your people, make your own pack or join one that respects & offers prosperity & form of income that benefits your household. Including insurance. We all know it's high but for a newlywed couple, it's imperative these days & well worth sacrificing time & effort. You'll want prenatal, hospitalization, birth & pediatrics. 

      Folks, Faith & Spirituality is imperative for children in their critical years of childhood development. It teaches them too respect & obey rules & law. We are not born with guidelines. You have too dictate your offspring's do's & don'ts, rights from wrongs. Get them excited about education & learning. Liberal Arts & Athletics are key. Teach them too use their imagination & creativity. All entrepreneurs need today is a framework & a dream w/ a foundation of income & spare time.  

       Being a Man of value is essential for entrepreneurship in today's Social Media realm. Sustaining trust & constant nurturing befriended relationships is imperative. Keep it professional. Show intelligence; confidence & in a caring manner for startups, business' or establishment. Today's Entertainment Internet Platform for Business & your Stage are Globally available too a much bigger Capital Market, than Television & Radio. You have too find the right Market too invest time & loyalty of brand.

      Loving your vocation is an imperative need; not want, if you want too enjoy an enduring successful career in your pursuit of happiness. I've once read; it's not the hardest honest toil that makes you be the best, but actually what you do best is that of success or failure. That's a personal note I made myself in my younger days & it's important you do as well. Your best work comes from that labor of love. No matter what you do. Women love Men that work honestly & in regimental schedules.

      Educating is an Art in itself & people do it for the love of it. Educators do not get what they should out of it financially & stature-ally; however, it's a noble quest & endeavor all students should respect & reward. Advice for future Educators; Content is King. The more diverse the curriculum, the more entertaining it could be too keep their attention. Make it fun. If you enjoyed a class or program of the day, be sure too speak up about. Get involved in the student body. Teachers love that effort.

       An important entrepreneurial tip & risk Example you should know before going all in on a startup: A Guaranteed Lucrative Project & a Risk Product is what I've learned from Apple history. When Smart watches fell 90% second Quarter, iPhone Sales in the 1st Quarter was Apple History. Phenomenal figures. IT was the best on Modern Record. Catch my point? Business Tip & Risk. Your foundation income must be more than the risk you chance with that earned capital for sustainability in a failure.

       Self-control is too be able too withstand any scrutiny & obscurities of those which are able too use psychology in negative criticism & cynicism that affects your own sound judgement. You cannot be a true critic unless you've walked in that Mans shoes. You don't understand everything he is & you're not. Be comprehensive. Always keep your bearings, tact & be not quick too rebuke without proper processing of the situation whether it be a possible change of opinion or concurred advice.

       You follow who you want too be influenced by. You're followed by those you've influenced. If you're not doing either, you're wasting your time & efforts. Surround yourself with greatness too be the greatest. Do that to challenge yourself, daily. When you conquer yourself you've already half successful. That goes for social stature & personal private conditions. Inner-peace is all you need too build tolerance for professional adversity. Never let another Man tell ya, you cannot succeed.

      Americans, keep the balance. There's a little good & bad in all of us. Don't be a bigot or hypocrite. People sacrificed themselves for our independence & sovereignty. Our pursuit of happiness was founded on blood, sweat & tears. Make a conscious effort in all you do. Going into a deal blind you're taking an unnecessary risk. Risks are too be taken with an A/B/C Plan just as our Preamble, Constitution, Bill Rights & Amendments were written & installed in us for the sake of World history.

      Presiding Leadership; for every successful Team is about making more Leaders by example, mentally & physically. Leaders make other leaders, not just followers. Adversity comes from all walks of life. Deal with it & move on. Alpha Males like me settle down & start Families at a young Age. Advice for soon too be Moms; great Prenatal Care (Monitor Iron Levels) & Pediatrics are keys too a smart & healthy offspring as I mentioned earlier. Working Mothers are too be respected & highly regarded.

      People with higher intellect are often confused as bizarre, abnormal or crazy too those of less intellect, skills, creativity & imagination. You just have too concede too the fact you cannot mold employees in machines but you can do your best training them too be the most proficient, loyal & honest. Unfortunately, robotics & mechanical machines will most likely be the workforce of tomorrow so be sure too get skilled in a labor that will retain it's stronghold on any industry.

       When think you're down & out, you're not. There's 100's of Millions on here waiting too help if you need somebody. You're never lonely. Sometimes, you cannot wait for chance or the right moment. You have too make your own chances & make a right moment for someone else. Trust others too a point but don't show them your poker hand, unless it's clean. In today's entrepreneur's society, building relationships & supporting one another in social media, is a key trait to wealth & happiness.

      Regardless of opposition or competition in other words, you accumulated those adversaries because you took a risk. You've become someone. You've challenged them in a way that you have become recognized. That's a positive in your pros & cons attributes & resume. If you never take risks, there's no options on the table because you'll have your base foundation bringing in the capital that financed your expansion project. Again, tip & risk as I've mentioned earlier. Remember that!

      Do not underestimate yourself. You have too have self-esteem & confidence not just for Business but in your personal pursuit of propriety. If you're not challenging intellect, you're not progressing with enough vision too make the change for those you lead too progress & evolve. Men, don't ever let another tell you, you can't change. You can & do it for a Woman that you love. Unconditionally. I'm an Alpha Male too, we tend too get a little bossy but all in all it's what we love too do. 

      Dream, Aspire, Persist, Motivate & Educate. Life is a Lesson too be learned & maintained lawfully & rightfully so, no matter your Age. Opinions are nothing but a Mans philosophy. Every intellectual has one. That's all Testimony is; facts, pertinent information & philosophy. It's an act so know your character & stay in character. That goes for your public lives & we all know we are a little bit different in private behind closed doors; however, maintain your tact & bearings at all time.

      If your wisdom comes from fools, you are a fool. Challenge yourself until you're ready too debate justice. Fanatics, aren't Leaders of Men. They don't retain adversity so never languish before your peers if they are fools & adversaries will envy you. At least respect you. For myself, I cannot be jealous of things I never attained lawfully. I'm no high roller but I'm stable & in hot pursuit of my happiness as anyone else can be in this day & age. I'm staying afloat in other words. 

      If you want a Man too be a leader, treat him as one. That tests character & integrity. If you think you are a Leader, you already are. I mentioned that earlier as well. Be thoughtful, caring & understanding too those around you. You are often confused & misjudged by others & by the company you keep. You have too accept yourself 1st & foremost. Spirituality is taught in every good home. Teach core values, ethics, standards & principles that are also key character traits for everyone of all age.

      Even in your darkest hours, there's light & hope. A shining beacon that's calling on you to persevere, struggle, hustle & fight for justice. Discovering your own identity with age, you should stay humble & charitable if you can sacrifice for a better good of others. Treat others with dignity & respect. The more success you you accomplish, it is logical that you've learned from more failure. I've mentioned this in previous publications. Behind every wise Man; is a human will, that's nonnegotiable.

      Opportunities are rare young Fellas; unless you put yourself in a position to not just fall upon one, but make them as you keep learning for others you've befriended & help a Man up. A successful Team is a unified Team. No weak links. You're as fast as the slowest member. That's called the, '#Buffalo Theory.' Step it up. Makers of Men; be careful what kind of leaders you're making. Leaders coincide with success & sustainable value for the entire Organization & betterment of the team. 

      Within the Limits of the Law, a Mans good deeds should be praised, not ridiculed. Critics & cynics shouldn't even bother you. Be confident & carry your self with dignity that we are all born with. Respect comes with accomplishments & leads too character. Content, persistence, feedback. Consequences too every conscious effort you make is, '#responsibility'. They should dictate your course of action. Sometimes, risk prevails & it should with proper business technique & luster. 

      A Mans Word: You must accept it, no matter your Rank high or low, no matter your Title, who you think you are or yours is null & void. That's called, 'integrity'. A genuine character trait every Man should have for leadership or that ship is sinking. Build a Team that you can count on. Good Leaders make great leaders. Everyone should participate & support one another. Trust is a key value no matter how limited or liberal. Your word is sometimes all you have so build that reputation honestly.

      Social Media has been my Academia for 21 years. My Stage, my Marketplace, my Vocation & my Platform of Entertainment. I have enjoyed every minute of it toiling for others and for my own benefit. I've befriended many, foreign & domestic. Everything you say & do has repercussions too someone, somewhere. Somebody is always watching & listening. Maintain that leadership mindset & those you lead could someday be your referrals after you've changed their lives for the better.

      Young Adults, the most stupid thing you can do is Vote 2016 as a popularity Contest in November. Vote, because you know who that Candidate is. Reach down into your guts & use your brains before you cast that ballot. Vote because it's your right & your right too choose our next President & Public Officials. Our Public Officials are Public Servants of an assertive Public that relays too the Public Officials what we need & want for the betterment of our habitats & environments. Choose wisely!

       An obstacle wasn't a challenge until you've overcome it. If you failed, take another approach. If you may fail twice, do it again with a better plan. Young Ladies, you can't wait for a Man you don't know. Mold your steady into what you want him too be. You naturally mature before them. We cannot always thrive like we should & if you do not rebound immediately, you didn't have a backup plan & you'll most likely not have closure. Communication is key for every relationship, platonic or sexual. 

      A tried & true negotiation is that of persistence but fair capital for both parties. Why settle for 20% when you should have 51% Majority or complete buyout. A shake & smile, a kind compliment & a little humor at the right time, then make your move. Pitch yourself, your product & your brand. When negotiating sale, talk about how much love you have for it. Talk about your gains & losses & be sure too detail how you've recovered from them or haven't & what you think needs done for success.

A Motto of mine; Live, Love, Laugh, Look, Listen, Learn, Lead, Follow or get the Hell out of my way. That's leadership, team work & productive business etiquette & behavior.  


      All of life is a lesson waiting too be learned. You have the World at your fingertips & a cranium full of powerful ideas. Manifest a dream & build that framework. Don't wait for life too happen. You don't grow wise stalling for a chance. Make your own opportunities & for Gods sake, know your Captains favorite Cigar. Take him one next time you request permission too come aboard. That goes for any boss. A little appreciation is not brown nosing & kiss ass. We could all use that. 

      Psychology, is a simple premise. So many people fall victim too corruption & the root of all evil, money & power. Be your own professional & stay afloat. Veterans; before you leave active Duty, run through your Chain of Commands & subordinates, inquire about them too jotting their Names down at the Chow Hall on Saturdays & Sundays.You become what you study, peeps. In Government or Military & Lead by example, always! You'll need references & a solid resume too produce. 

      Today's leaders are adamant about unbiased discretion. Everyone should accept diversity. You can progressively lead from the rear after you've led from the front. If not; you weren't on point so here's my final point of the publication, take it as you may. Leaders make leaders; Ladies & Gentlemen, not just Followers. You make them better too carry on the legacy long after you've passed the torch. You cannot keep a good Man down, unless he's your bottom Line. 

Carpe Diem (Seize the Day); Carpe Somnium (Catch Your Dream),
Troy David 'Maestro' Beadles

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