Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Key random leadership brainstorm; go with it, 

      A key leadership attribute is too be candid & congenial enough too learn from subordinates ideas & concepts as well, for capital gains & sustainability. It's a just a great way too cohere with your employees for morale also. Fellowship within the ranks, especially in today's Military is good for camaraderie & morale. As long as superiors with-stain a leadership example at all times. 

      Leadership isn't about passing down blame when you were the one bringing them up too your above quotas standard. The Boss is ultimately responsible. Leadership qualities are instilled in Men naturally when you're an alpha Male. Book smarts are financial security but born instincts reign supreme & are the creative genius behind an operation. Leadership is about knowing what your employees needs & desires are. They are your line of defense & value too you & your customers. 

      Leadership isn't just a title. It's an honorary appointment by someone in a higher position. Don't kiss ass, kick ass for him. That's tough love & brand loyalty. Leadership is a calling. Almost a hero like gut instinct. Especially when you know others look up too you in times of doubt & misfortune. My class of leadership is honest toil. It is futility & resilience for the better good of Mankind. Civil may that be, don't relegate now. Value in a concept is the only reason your project should be produced. Sustaining value is key too the next production. 

      Men, you have too hustle & struggle or you're not going anywhere. Most importantly, never forget where you started & came from. Friends are few & far between. Your com-padres may know you better than your own Family. If so, guide them too truth & justice. Never frail. Gents, lust isn't love or you're not balanced, you're off kilter. An unbalanced Man is irreversibly led too illegal actions & life of crime. Believe in yourself. Crime will catch up too you one way or the other.

      Ladies, as much as you want a Mans control, all we want to know is what you want us too do. Don't get your Man into trouble. Get him out of it. Expect nothing, aspire for propriety & you'll find your hard working all American just looking for a woman like you. You don't go about this by dependence. You must act solely & responsibly for yourself & better half & then allow him too be the Man of the household. 

      I'm wishing all you wonderful followers in the United States a pleasant Season. It's a fabulous time of year. We all need time too breathe. You can't count on others fingers unless you're the one handing out the check or their team mate. I've earned mine, you must keep your digits on hand &/or be a notable co-worker. In today's entrepreneurship society; not only do you have too adhere others for relationships, you have to be futile, resilient & adaptive.

       Friendships should be valued as a sustaining concept. If it negate's profit or gain, just lay off & refrain. You have too take a Mans Word. Men, your temperament & opinion are guided by others actions. Let your course of action be dictated by consequence, not subsistence. That's basically justifying your behavior of the better good & balance every Man needs for cohesion in the workplace.

      What life boils down too is; you have to believe in yourselves with your oneness of something greater than self. Be that of faith or vocation. Protect your principles. All of us are different but we must stay grounded with morals, ethics, values & standards. High or low, that's your choice. In the Civilized World, we're all born with human dignity, no matter race or religion. Respect is earned by self sacrifice & honest toil for others as well and importantly yourself, your oneness with your family unit.

      Before undergoing a regimen, you must be on top of your game. No obstacle is too tall too climb. Wisdom is inherited & self attained. The only person you can truly trust is yourself. With faith that God is in control or so that be again your vocation or significant other. Many have high powers that guide them through life as well. Whatever floats your boat. Your best friends will stab you in the front. Again, rely on self & beware of your surroundings at all time.

      Life is an open book in the 21st Century. Learn anything you'd like; however, study what you become & be happy about it. Waste no time & waste no effort. Bend but don't break. You can push the envelope within the limits of Law but go about it nonchalantly. It's tough being a Model Citizen. You get challenged daily so just challenge yourself & you will have your opposition dumbfounded and defeated by your own mentality & physical resiliency too loss.

      If this makes you feel better; Fans, I've been online for almost 22 years & the Federal Government knows I'm clean as a whistle, not queer nor a stalker. Keeping order is keeping the peace. Object now or forever hold it. You don't obtain unless you abstain until true testimony, not hearsay. All testimony is, is an act of opinion & philosophy when the plaintiff has no hard detailed facts, evidence or criminal intent, nor motive. 

      Be it known; pursuing & incriminating someone from rumor or hearsay before taking the Oath of your Office of Authority is a Federal Offense. That's a Federal crime & no matter your position, you're facing a Federal Judge, Jury & Federal Prison Sentence your own echelon of Prosecution. You may want too think again for you make that terrible mistake & be thankful I warned you. Everyone needs too know that & the Universal Declaration of your 30 basic human Rights.

      America, we are one of the youngest most powerful Nations in the World. We are products of a Global Society, not inherently but on a twisted reality founded on totalitarianism of a King. Men, we have a Right too Assemble & our Free Speech as long as you do not abuse it you'll be highly regarded & respected a Gentlemen of propriety. Let me lead you in a path of righteousness & patriotism while uniting our sworn Global Alliances.

      My .com & my Public Social Media Internet Profiles are approved by the United States Congress & Federal Communications Commission as Public Domain & Public Record. We have our liberties; Ladies & Gentlemen, but stay grounded, honest, real & law abiding at all times or you may lose those freedoms so many have sacrificed so that we may have those liberties, whenever, why ever. You'll be treated differently with a higher standard of excellence.

      Never cir-cum too chance; know your odds & be prepared too fight like hell. You're really all ya got in this World. Make good of it. Your great escape is all psychological. Make the best of your vices & enjoy your vocation. Live and procreate leaders not just followers. Learning is natural. Studying is sustaining an economical agenda. I've worked blue collar & white collar vocations. The rainbow is bright & there is still gold in them there hills. 

      Conscientious Observers; I hereby declare, you're either locked in or locked out. Make your peace & be a part of World History. We're all trying too survive in the best way we can feasible fathom & that's conforming because we have too. Spirituality is a necessity for higher learning & the foundation every Mans motivation, everyday. Believe in greatness to be great yourself. Faith in something greater than self isn't just self-rewarding, it's honest & noble. Be that of God or your life's passion for happiness.

      There's no simple answer in a World of doubt & deceit. I do, is the way. Whomever you are, be happy with what you've worked for & the reasons why. Communication isn't just a physical behavior. It's the key of sustaining growth & development in every scenario & theater of humankind. Never limit yourself too inequality & inferiority among peers. Especially languish nor frail. Your barriers are all mental. Free yourself & those counting on you. 

      A dream came true. I'm living it. The hustle & struggle right here in the heart of it all has made me who I am today. I feel your pain & I don't want others too have too learn the hard way as I have; however, it's built character & strengthened my mind & everyday regimental mindset & behaviors. Express yourself in such a way that others can comprehend. The Holy call it laymen's Terms. Your World is a Jigsaw Puzzle, that you placed together or still assembling. Just know where the last piece is.

      Leadership in the 21st Century must be resilient & futile without fear or you'll wear the Dead Badge of Courage not the Red Badge of Courage or both. Women are just as shallow as Men. Don't be fooled, People. We all want sexy. We all want chills & butterflies. We all want perfection. The truth of the matter is it's damn near impossible. Just ask Tom Cruise. That's a jagged edge. 

      Leadership isn't just an Oath. It's a mission too serve & protect your Men/Women at all cost. Be that of Public Service or Private Sector. I've been in my Vocation Writing for 28 years. I've earned my Right too Assemble. My Fans are friends, family & global audience. My Fans, know me better than my own Family. My immediate Family doesn't utilize Social Media with me often & we rarely gather nor speak. Not even by Email. 

      I could take my Quotes; Brainstorm, Outline & go in Depth Writing Books for years & I'm seriously considering doing it. I'm currently putting them into Publication form like this blog on this .com & promoting on all my legal profiles for myself, my children, my fans & the entire World. My heart is like an open Book for the whole World too read. I'm thrilled you have found your way into my humble life & I hope I made a lasting impression on you & yours. 

      Leadership is setting an example for others too become greater than self. Your sacrifice is duty too the better good. Be that in any vocation. When you understand that everything you accomplish in life was preordained, you'll fear God, destiny or your fate and I hope you were following the right path. Leadership isn't about success unless you value your successors. The people you teach, will always be futile & resilient apprentices.

      Leadership isn't about superiority. It's about building a better Staff or Team. Make your People greater than you with sustainability & your legacy is guaranteed. Leadership isn't a Birthright in Democracy. It's earned. Through proper guidance & honest toil. That's an anomaly of difference for Monarchs & Democracy. The Military is the anomaly. Go find out yourself. Men, we must adapt & evolve. We have too adhere too biased complacency whether we want too or not. Sometimes it's not a choice for survival.

      Building Leadership relationships is not fraternizing with cohorts. It's a great cause professionally. It's too know who they are & what makes them tick, too better your lead & too let them know, you're alive & human as well. As I mentioned, great for morale. Men, evolution after creation is sustainable by scientific factual knowledge. We're free too believe what we want, but know what it is that we need.

      Ladies; Men, are chauvinistic, shallow, narcissistic, egotistical pigs; however, our World wouldn't be complete without you. I love you, Ladies. Leadership goes beyond your lead if you encompass others too go farther & secure more than you ever could. Capital on Capitol. That's real history, that's tomorrow & we're living it everyday. We Manifest our own destiny as fate has it. Leadership is about being a Person of greater value than oneself. A successful role is too make people greater than, yourself. 

      All Public Servants holding a Public Office or planning a Campaign for such, needs a .com or an Official Blog Publication; that the Citizens that exercise their Right too Vote, knows her/him or Citizens are voting for pure popularity for a number of reasons in which I'll kinda let you come too your own conclusion on the fact of the matter. Everyone has a reason for doing what they do. The good reason or the real reason.

      We can all rejoice in the fact that we have a Nation, united. The division is mental. There's no rebuttal in a unified Right too Assemble. Leadership is a natural enigma. Too those whom feel the need too Lead, is  already a Leader. It's not a birthright as I've already. It is a calling. Heed that call if you have the strong convictions too do so & follow up with it. Team work is implausible when you languish for personal reason. Don't bring Home too Work & sure as Hell, don't bring Work Home. 

      A meaningful Life isn't just living & serving God. You also have too adapt too your habitat & get involved in your Community. Protests, riots & racism isn't the way too go about equality. Education & Government involvement is the way. Students; reality is, that you need too plan ahead. Study who you are or what you want too become, because you become what you Study. Men, I'm not a small minded Man. My intellect is on a Global Scale as I've been studying the World & its inhabitants Online for going on 22 years. It's time I get involved.

      Leadership is a noble duty for sustainability of an others cause. Be that in any profession. What you teach must be valued & persevered. Leadership is based on principles. Those must be spiritual, ethical, valued standards & morals. Nothing beats a genuine Leader more so. Thank you; Fans, for your unconditional love & enduring daily support. You're all good sports for sticking with me. You're all appreciated. 

      Leadership risks play an intricate & vital role in the survival of your Workforce. Concepts must be valued with sustaining capital & you can take that too the bank. Enthusiasm is worthless unless you're willing too sacrifice losses. That valued backup concept or foundation of income is your sustaining capital & job security. Don't debilitate your own cache too bankruptcy & total loss. In other words, 'blow your own wad'. Unless of course you're the Bugle Boy from Company B. ;)

Your favorite inspirational personality,
Troy David 'Maestro' Beadles

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