Thursday, December 1, 2016


Happy Holiday's,

      What we have today is what we have humbly attained & retain, proudly so. Not through spoils & riches but through hard work. We are all blessed too have it. Our honest toil is too be respected & appreciated by a greater good of those in which understand the meaning of providing for their household. Those of which labor for their means of happiness, there's a difference between wanting more & needing more. I live a simple life & honest toil is all I have ever known too do. I'm sure many of you understand that. I've never forgot the little man no matter where my lust for life hath taken me. I've associated with the less fortunate & downtrodden. I understand who they are & how they feel. I was always the kid that led my friends & never got them into trouble. I honored their time & efforts. My standards have always been high & they always will be. The deal is; you have too earn respect. That's not an inalienable right such as dignity is that all men are created equal. Dignity is one of the Universal Declaration 30 Basic Human Rights that we all possess, internationally.

      People such as myself offer an existence, our mortality. We aspire too be great & support a greater cause other than self. That's a selfless sacrifice & sacred duty. It's a mindset many people do not understand that hasn't served this Nation in the way that myself & millions of others have. I highly recommend hiring Veterans that share my ideals & principles. Our immortality is not just legacy of wealth. As I've said, it's a mindset. A reality lived. A mission of world inheritance. We take that mindset beyond Military Uniform & our last Salute. It's up too you too adapt. We were once Civilians before our Service & we adapt back into the public & private sectors no matter what kind of employment we labor among you, blue collar or white collar. Ladies; if you're reading this, it's commonsense that your blue collar spouses or boyfriends are in better psychical shape than those behind desks. I've personally worked both & proudly; therefore, I know that's the truth.  Office jobs are at risk of cardiovascular disease & other ailments due too lack of nutrition, exercise & oxygen.

      A Lesson for Families & heterosexual young Adults; Our grandchildren deserve a world better than we received. I'm not just talking about financial security, I'm talking generations inclined. Together, we administer the freedoms we share among our neighbors of our Democracy & our friends & allies around the world. In whatever it is that you're inclined too labor; love what you do, always. I've reiterated this before; your best work is what you do best, not exactly the most difficult. It's what you love too do. We the People of this Nation, pick & choose Representatives for Public Service in behalf of our dominion. Citizens vote & elect Legislators that represent the majority of the people. We vote in, we can vote out! Get involved in your Communities & be an assertive citizen. That's the best & only way you can change Legislation that will benefit the people of your cause & majority of your Families & constituents. Both major Parties do this daily & I'm sure all the others follow suit. Your Families physical & emotional well-being rely's on happiness & that pursuit of, in any township across the Nation. Be proactive, not just a City dweller or you succumb too others fate.

      Quick lesson for minorities: You have an option; be it you may react responsibly, a rebuttal recourse among those you're intellectually challenged or simply indifferent. Everyday can be another obstacle for those less fortunate or have been wronged unjustly. Even those of propriety can lose everything. I know, I have lost everything under circumstances that were out of my control. I have had everything I ever wanted & damn near did everything I ever wanted too do. Therefore, I stay grounded & help others up with a lending hand as I slowly recover my fate of mistakes of which I have learned from & now enlightening you of the harsh realities we all face. Not only in the United States but the world over shares this understanding. All walks of life no matter Bank Accounts & material things, we are all concerned about our lives & we must respect the differences of mankind as we uplift humanity in our daily endeavors. If you're not participating, today is a great day too start. It's an opportunity you should inquire to act upon. Everyday is a good day too change for the better. Trust me!

      Reality is not too be escaped. If you alter it with alcohol & drugs in which your decisions will most likely procure, you need too know who will answer an emergency. Just never cry wolf. It's just not cool anymore too experiment & put lives in jeopardy being under the influence of a substance. Let that sink in & that goes for everyone. From the bottom up or the top down. That's reality. Drugs & Alcohol are a disease & a habit of luxury. I'll gladly enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine on a dinner date but the reality of it; as example, I don't abuse it & never will again. Too be honest, when I sobered up I became much more productive & I enjoy the feeling of sobriety while I am in full control of myself at all times. It's a greater feeling than too be inebriated & hungover. Try going cold turkey & eat three squares a day & your metabolism speeds up & burns fat. Eat healthy & workout is what everyone needs too do too get sober. Get your daily vitamins & supplements. Stay motivated!

      For Students; a lesson isn't always learning in a classroom. If you can contribute & teach in that classroom by all means participate if you have already studied the subject at hand. Start your personal & professional journals, take notes as you're studying online, in a library or in that classroom. That's what Students do that are inclined & already erudite. That's why there are Student Councils & Student Office Workers & motivated individuals. Get involved anyway you can. ROTC would be a great experience for some of you that study me. When you realize your presence is felt; you must be congenial, not deceptive with your own curriculum. Make Education stimulating & rewarding. All Teachers & Professors that do this are the best Teachers in the 21st Century Scholastic System. Keep them interested! You have too make learning fun but professional. If you can do that, you're a special educator. Students need too be taught too work hard & play hard. When you make a Student feel like a professional scholar, they treat their academia like a job & that gives him/her a greater start than most. That will benefit their lives whether they seek higher education or go straight too the workforce. Both are pretty much necessary in today's approach too societies social stature among peers & for a future family.

      Here's a quick Student behavior Lesson; when you're alone in a crowd & Student body in a new environment; thwart yourself, without inept opinion. Fit in, don't brandish guard & enjoin. Being passive takes courage more so than intimidation. The latter is tempting a last resort of physical confrontation. The prior, dignity. Most Corporate transfer Students understand. That's being the new kid in town, adapting & overcoming in the new environment & habitat. It gets easier but my advice; is, try too get along with everyone. You'll thank me for it later in life. It can be tough but plausible. I know this firsthand & Corporate Students once entwined in the community will eventually be treated as everyone else if you're lucky enough too be in once place for a longer period of time. It's tough but it can be done. The Corporate kids are very important too a community. We bring economical support & future establishments in your communities & state. All municipalities should understand that. It's important! Make them feel special & it will pay off in the long run. Happens everyday all around the world.

      A Lesson for all ages; commonsense wisdom that we all share can be a digression in others coherence. Be a motivating factor & respect your intellectual stimuli. Be aggregate & lively. The wisdom of commonsense as I've mentioned in prior publications is that of communication in layman's terms so the vast majority can understand your sentiments. You're mostly remembered by your last accomplishment. You're the Kings of your own Castles & the Captains of your Vessel of humanity. All communication is psychological, so be positive. If you recognize others anguish or dismay, empathize & never apathetic or the worse of it. Things that elude happiness are a waste of your time. It's okay too explore empathy; therefore, apathy can be destructive without positive communication. Someone looks up too you. Someone is always watching & listening so be a leader & express your feelings. If you notice something; speak up, offer assistance! Someone needs you, just respect others limits & use good judgement that you would like too receive if you were them.

      An art of life is; cohesion. You become whom you idle with so stay tuned up & fueled. Chart your own course & others will manifest each own. We expose truths through visualizations of our art. Some perceive subversively with opinion. The fact is; you shouldn't do that without art appreciation or without the skill of a vivid eye & curious ear. When belonging, it's best too adhere too your own uniqueness & let little influence your long term plans. You're an individual first & foremost. Your team, band/ensemble or organization depends on strong character traits of each Member. The more you love yourself the more unique you become. That's self-respect. Self-disciple is adherence too your surroundings & habitat. Work together. Again, communication is of dire importance for sustainability of any establishment you may belong. Too know self-worth is a must before you offer yourself too the benefit of others that may have too depend on you. So know yourself before you hearken others. Don't be the weakest link & always have a contingency.

      An act of kindness is too never be overlooked & not inept of you too praise. All people look upon themselves for others acceptance & merit. Testimony (communication) is an act. Whatever it is; there's no submissive without Judge & Jury or peers. Most importantly, fact & truth which can be swayed autonomously. Attitude & charisma is one way too convince others of your beliefs. Be it known, a politically correct individual is treated by those whom are kept at arms, re-actively. You're always in a Catch 22 or 5150. So make your act cohesive & productive. That's a personal innovation & best avenue too approach. Innovation is a direct result of diversity. When you deal with minds, you're bound too strike a nerve. Just be a step ahead or a step behind. We acquire what we relay. So be conscious of your conscience. Be directly the result you would want your apprentice or subordinate too be & legitimize too carry on your honest toil & legacy of legends. There's always a Man on the rise! 

      In closing of today's publication; I wanted too inform those of whom didn't know, I brainstorm on Twitter outlines of experience, facts, processed knowledge, theoretical hypothesis & publish the synopsis' on the .com. It's the new social trend. What we all do as life coaches is organize personal mental supremacy & it's fun but can be a daunting & grueling monotonous endeavor. Don't let it aggravate you. Self-challenging is a personal quest. It's mental development & we all aspire too better ourselves daily in our regimens &/or curriculum. We all motivate one another. There's Millions just like me that conduct & share their daily information with each other all around the world. We're brainiacs constantly processing bits of information that lead too fact & opinion all day; everyday, as we are hearkening those of which have taken a liking too our special unique character. As I said earlier, love yourself & be unique. You can challenge yourself when you have self-respect & self-discipline, so be a winner too know a winner.

Your favorite Maestro, 
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Thank you all for your time & efforts. You're a brilliant assembly of world class law abiding assertive citizenry. Please invite Family, Friends, Colleagues & Associates. It's an honor & privilege too be among this congregation & in homes around the planet. I'm very humbled, return soon. ~ TDB


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